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It displays homosexual pornographic contents which may shock outsiders due to their fetishist orientation. It is meant to be a place of uncensored pornographic and artistic expression showing consenting adults. It does not mean to promote any of the practices shown nor to offend European law. This site displays various kind of homosexual acts; do not enter it in order to pass judgment. We remind that HIV and AIDS are transmitted via unprotected sexual intercourse. It is wrong to believe that AIDS can be cured. The sexual acts shown in this site have been performed by consenting adults who are fully aware of their serological status and of the risks they may expose themselves to. Every single scene is to be considered as fiction and not as an example to be imitated. Furthermore, this site banishes and condemns any form of paedophilia. No political interpretation may be drawn from the contents displayed on the site. Access to the site is strictly private and secured. The IP of every visitor may be kept on file.